What We Learned From Sending a Million Cold Emails – with Alex Berman of InspireBeats [105]

Alex Berman - InspireBeats

Alex Berman is the head of growth for InspireBeats, a company that does fully manage sales and lead generation for startups and agencies.

One of the most common challenges I hear from SaaS entrepreneurs is that they're struggling to generate leads. And many of you may have tried sending cold emails and wished that you hadn't even wasted your time.

In this episode we're going to deep-dive into lead generation and email outreach. You'll hear about some interesting insights from my guest, including:

  • What they learned sending over 1,000,000 cold emails
  • Prospecting: how to find the perfect B2B lead
  • What to use instead of a sales script
  • Why conferences are a hugely overlooked lead gen spot
  • And more

If you've been struggling to generate leads, this episode might just be what you've been hoping for.

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