How a $400 Startup Got Sold for $43 Million – with Stuart Crane [102]

Stuart Crane

Stuart Crane is an entrepreneur and advisor. His previous company, Definitive Homecare Solutions, provided a software product for the home infusion pharmacy industry called CPR+. He and his co-founder started the business with just $400 and went on to sell it for $43 million. But this wasn't an overnight success story. It took them 20 years to build that business. And they had two failed attempts trying to sell the company before they were successful.

We're going to talk about the successes, failures and challenges of that 20 year journey and the lessons learned to help inspire you to keep going with your startup…

Success Quote

  • “Set a goal to become a millionaire for what it will make of you to achieve it.” — Jim Rohn

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  • Stuart Crane – @sdcrane | stuart [at] stuartcrane [dot] com
  • Omer Khan – @omerkhan

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