How a Failing 2-Year Old Startup Achieved Product-Market Fit in 1 Week – with Tom Leung [098]

Tom Leung - Anthology

Tom Leung is the co-founder and CEO of Anthology, a Seattle-based startup that was formerly known as Poachable. Anthology enables employed tech professionals to explore new career opportunities anonymously. Tom and his co-founder originally launched a startup called Yabbly, a consumer to consumer advice site. When that business didn't get traction, the team pivoted 8 times to launch Poachable which was later renamed to Anthology.

The company has raised around $1.8 million to date and its investors include Vulcan Ventures. And companies recruiting through Anthology include Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix, Dropbox, Facebook and around 100 venture-backed startups.

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  • “You miss 100% of the shots you don't take” — Wayne Gretzky

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